Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I told amma about the recent online harassment I've been getting for dating someone who is neither South Asian nor Muslim and warned her that I'll probably receive criticism from a handful of more conservative relatives when they find out about MP. She squared her shoulders fiercely and declared, "Whoever has something to say can say it to me. Let's see who wants to talk to me about my daughter."

My brothers, on the verge of kicking some anonymous ass, made me swear that I will direct anyone who gives me any shit for being in an interracial relationship to them.

Abu is pleased that MP calls him abu (though it sounds like "a-booo" when he says it, which is adorable) and that I've finally found a genuinely nice guy. My father is old school and would destroy anyone who had anything negative to say about his family.

I am blessed.


bigkahuna said...

You got a good crew around you and are very blessed. The fact you grew up with folks who love you fiercely has made you into a terrific person.

MP still has to meet The BigKahuna though... ;-) Gotta admit - I *almost* feel sorry for him. He gets out of line by an angstrom and folks are gonna go Hoffa on MP's backside!

Look forward to seeing you two around the 15th(ish). I'll let you know whn I'm there - it depends on the nieces and what they have planned for their Uncle!

Francesca said...

You're lucky to have such a wonderful, loving family. And they're lucky to have you, too.

Saady said...

Stay blessed !

Sasha said...

I wish you love...and am VERY proud of you and your family and MP. May Allah bless all of you and make you all happy.


As long as your family is happy and fine with it, NOBODY...i mean NOBODY has the right to criticize. Those who do, do it out of sheer jealousy.

I love you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Sabila & Sasha, no I'm not on facebook or any similar sites. Sorry Sasha, that was some other guy hitting on you on facebook.

Sasha, I am in and out of DC this week, so maybe we can get together for that coffee. My schedule is somewhat erratic and unpredictable; sometimes these meetings end up being longer than I anticipate them to be. We have to find a different way to communicate so we can plan something.

Sabila, You've been taking quite a bit of flack for your current situation. Take it from someone who was in a long term relationship with a non-desi, non Muslim for years - it's not easy but it's not impossible either. Hang in there, if that's where you think your happiness is.


Sasha said...


Hello K...Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Lets get together soon. I'm going to come up with an email address where you can send me an email...one that doesn't scream my first and last name...


Glad to see you are a man of your word.




Sasha said...

Dear K,


and for goodness' sake...any of you even THINKING of getting silly or stupid...


talk to you soon, K

justifiably_vertical said...

Your family sounds very violent...

(AAH! Not a hateful criticism! Please don't kill me)

Rubes said...

Good for you Sabs...bravo. *hugs* oh...and happy turkey day (yes i know it's belated but I'm generally late in my life anyhow). Double oh, FYI, DC Gal and I are right now sitting in Sheesha Palace talking, sharing a sheesha and enjoying each others company. *grins* Jealous? :P Okay well we'll have to fix that by getting together soon. Yayyy *jumps around*

Love Rubes

P.S. K, this is DC Gals friend who works right across the street from the FBI building. Creepy eh? Yes, you're surrounded by the lovers of DC Gal :P Once you're done with my friend, you realize you're going to have to meet me right? *arched eyebrow* Mhmmm...that's right. Warning...DC Gal has these HUGE peepers that constantly get her into trouble (often in the form of excessive tears due to high winds) so don't be surprised if you turn around and see her eyes tearing up. *sigh* Damn them gorgeous peepers...they're startling, so prepare yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sabila, I'm all in favour of censorship, but the comment section just isn't as interesting without all the wackos. Please bring them back! Maybe you can have an mullah amnesty day or something. Long time listener from NY...