Thursday, November 22, 2007


Enough! I refuse to watch my blog become a soapbox for backward, bigoted, misogynistic louts! I’m going to continue blogging about my relationship with MP, so deal with it. Yes, MP isn’t South Asian (newsflash, he isn't ghora either!) or Muslim but he treats me with more respect than any one of you narrow-minded idiots will ever be able to muster in an entire lifetime, so GET THE HELL OVER IT. If you halfwit cowards can’t deal with my newfound romance but continue to read my blog anyway, that’s really not my problem! If reading about my happiness is causing you such great affliction, STOP READING MY BLOG. Blogs aren't meant to be distressing! Maybe you just weren't meant to read this blog. Sad, I know, but not everyone can be a kitten.

Like I said, I’m going to continue posting about my romance because it’s a damned good love story that unfolded on this blog. However, I AM going to start moderating comments again. Clearly, some of my readers aren’t mature enough to be left unsupervised.

Happy Thanksgiving to my kittens who aren’t bigoted, backward, and misogynistic! The rest of you, just close your eyes and try to hit the back button away from this page before you pop a vessel or get your panties in a twist.


Muhammed Ansari said...

About time you took a stance........
its ur blog, no one else can tell you wat too write or not to write

u go girl
and good luk with ur romance

temporal said...

this is your life

ignore the naysayers

wish you and yours health and happiness in life

(and btw you should delete one or two comments on the previous thread)

Francesca said...

Oh, gosh, thank you Sabila, I was hoping you were going to start moderating again. Some of your ghastly anon loser posters were really putting my blood pressure up there. Hope you and all your loved ones had a delightful Thanksgiving.

DC Girl said...

oh THANK GOD you are getting rid of the shit sayers. NO MORE NEGATIVITY HERE.

Francesca: I know exactly what you mean. Jerk anonymous' comments caused rage that I haven't experienced. I swear, I just wanted to reach through the computer and beat him/her to a bloody pulp.



K: did you add me on facebook, I had some random dude add me and then leave...only reason I said yes was 'cause his last name was K...


How was everyones' Thanksgiving?

Phil said...

LOL! Keep writing, dude, you have an interesting blog.

Aunty Helpful Dictator said...


I was going to leave a comment on the post below... yes about the post, but when I came to the end of reading all the comments I thought what I had to say would be lost in the mire of hatred... so I'll say it here.

I've been told by some people in relationships which have lasted a long time (my mother is one of them) that sometimes you just know. And I think you and MP might have that feeling! Which is wonderful and makes me feel all glowy inside.

Also I'm glad your parents like him, as they have your best interests at heart and are your very own watchdogs. So happy for you guys.

zee said...

*not even worth addressing the nutcases*

sabs, how was thanksgiving? did you hold a cooking competition this year? :D

DC Girl said...

*since everyone has gotten quiet because we no longer have the haters to yell at, and nobody will answer how their Thanksgiving was...I'm going to tell you all what I'm doing today. Hopefully you all can continue...

I woke up this morning feeling so incredibly restless and irritated. I tried to figure out what was wrong with me until an hour ago when the realization hit me that I am going stir crazy. I had such a fabulous and wonderful thanksgiving filled with friends and love that I haven't had a single minute alone. Today, I am going to take my Economist ... (Ew! George is on the cover, SERIOUSLY...Mr. Palestine? SERIOUSLY???) ... Where was I? Oh yea, I'm going to take my Economist and the book by Elizabeth Gilbert called 'Eat Pray Love', which the Nerddd mailed to me and has been the greatest therapy a girl can have, and just sit and read ALL DAY today. Starbucks in Chinatown will get to know me REALLY well today. If only K was around to join me.

*sigh* to hot FBI men.


Here's to a day with myself.


DC Girl said...'s to a day of fighting on the phone with Best Buy about my camera and being sad that I won't be able to take pictures in front of the Taj Mahal.


Rabs said...

I slept in today and when I woke up, I checked my brother's itinerary for his flight back to school. I promptly went to wake him up and tell him that his flight was scheduled two hours earlier than he thought and he had half an hour to get ready. Had a nice relaxed breakfast while everyone else ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. I said goodbye to him, showered after the family left, and now I'm plopped in front of the tv enjoying Hotel Babylon, my newest vice.

Max Beesley.


Rubes said...

Good for you sabs *hug*