Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Thanks again for the array of comments to my newfound relationship. All of the comments are very heartfelt, albeit--at times--prejudice, ugly, and wholly wrong. But thanks anyway for your genuine interest.

Moving right along, let's discuss something a bit less incendiary: my new dental floss! The Crest Glide website asks its visitors to "Experience the Difference," and, trust you me, I've experienced that difference! The Crest Glide is soft on the gums (the floss I'd been using can probably slice fruits and vegetables), is soft on my fingers (like I said, my old floss slices things; it's practically a weapon), sliding it down to the roots of my teeth isn't an exercise in patience and bravery, and it leaves me with that "just-left-the-dentist's-office" feeling that even a good cleaning at my dentist's office doesn't give me anymore (what can I say? I'm jaded).

Talk abour life-changing meetings! Watch out MP, the Crest Glide and I are definitely forever.


Anonymous said...

while you are moving right along i feel the need to spill over from the previous comments.

this is so stupid. you people are romanticizing something you dont know anything about.

This is not some uncommon thing that no one attains. People hook up all the time call it a day all the time and settle down all the time. As justin bobby once said "Time and truth tells all."

Get a life, grow up and realize that this jackie collins/ bridget jones, bollywood notion of love you people are pressing is just dumb.

Sabila, next time you go out with this guy make sure you take a bollywood soundtrack to make these your readers happy.

Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting the next episode... I hope its about the brand of toothpaste that you use - that would be SO cool!

Anonymous said...

oooh gotta try this new Crest Glide
Sounds devine!

justifiably_vertical said...

One more thing to check off the "We can put a man on the moon but we can't..." list: floss that doesn't suck to use.

Next up, powered eggs that include a yolk (this actually came up the other day).

...and what happened to the days when everyone who commented here was friendly and had the intenstinal fortitude to do it under a hyperlinked name...

zee said...

ghee aunties and member rishteh daars, please dont read my comment below, i'll save you a mini heart attack !

MP, sabila mentions flossing, if that is not an invitation to kiss her, i dont what is :P

sabila, my comment is way off, but i had to say it :D

Rabs said...

Dear Anonymous who "feels the need to spill over",

It's ok. We feel your pain. Perhaps you suffered a recent heartbreak and are temporarily jaded. Maybe you've seen too many failed romances and feel the need to save Sabila from herself (and us). My own theory is that you're a bitter old fogy who can't stand to see young folks actually enjoying life, but meh...'tis all good.

And what exactly is wrong with happiness. I'm sure you would agree that it would unfair for a doctor to dismiss a dying person's suffering because "death happens all the time". Each person's tragedies and triumphs hold significance for them. What makes us human is our capacity to care when those things happen to other people - even if they are strangers.

And honestly, I think many of us are more mature than you're willing to give us credit for. Yes, we know that the initial glow of romance doesn't last a lifetime. We also know that people fall in love, settle down, break up, move on, etc all the time. We don't need you to provide that reality check (I would wager that most of us have honest-to-goodness real life experiences with most of those things). And it certainly won't diminish our happiness for Sabila.

As far as getting a life, perhaps you might find better things to do than raining on other people's parades. Life is so much better when you're capable of optimism. And no one likes a Debbie Downer. :)

Anonymous said...

I am def happy for her. thats not the issue and i happen to be happily married after dating around my fare share, but it seems to me that the readers of this blog are so out of touch with dating. Over thinking, reading into things too much etc.

Go out have fun and again let "time and truth tell all" good or bad. Hopefully for the good.

But dont you think that with out the reality check within relationships that you cant have the fun that you need. Over thinking things is never good.

On a side note i think that defense lady while completely odd and seemingly unreal has some valid points on life if you can look through the bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sabila, thanks for the kind words and taking the time to address my entry, heck I’m honored that you wrote an open letter about it. Sorry it took me a few days to respond, I was in the process of moving. For five years I was in the NYC area hoping I would find that someone who stood out from the rest, only to find her a week before moving out of the area – not to mention a day after her “transformative” date. Eff me! As I was writing you, I knew the deck was stacked against me, but I had to try - for somethings are that special where a no is exponentially better than a "what if."

Wish you and MP the best; you definitely have some interesting times ahead of you, especially with all your solicited/unsolicited “advisors.” Don’t let the peeps beat you down like they did to Romeo & Juliet, Tita & Pedro (from Like Water for Chocolate, not trying to be more cultured than I am, this is the only foreign film I’ve seen , and I only saw this b/c of a class in college), or Britney & K-Fed.

As for your offer to be vetted out for your friends, well I’m always up to meeting new people. However, I’m assuming you don’t have an identical twin out there, so I’m not sure how well it will work out.

btw: hey ladies - let me just defend my brethren for a second; I know there are some “furry ogres” amongst us, but there are also some solid Muslim brothers out there– so ease up a little bit and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Anon- Honestly, I enjoy reading your comments. They can be mean-spirited and at times it is clear that you are trying to get under S's skin, but they also can be quite witty and amusing. Bro, I hate to call you out on this but you opened the door on this one; why is a happily married man consistently on the blog of a single twentysomething? Seems a little shady to me.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

no real calling out. I like all you people find this blog honest and unbelievably interesting. I first found it in fact from a random pakistani blog list and have been hooked ever since. Unlike others who lurk and come in a day late on trying to get with our nerd. I just like her prose.

Keep it up Sabila and best of luck.

And again all this Romeo & Juliet, Tita & Pedro (from Like Water for Chocolate) nonsense is lame go out live meet people, stop obsessing and let "time and truth tell all"

Anonymous Part Deux said...

Dear K,

Will you marry me?


Dashing said...

i m sure if u talk to the Crest Glide people and tell them wht u feel about them, they will definitely take u as a brand ambassador for Crest Glide. I love ur word selection.
you love struck girl, I hope u get it right. u remember wht we talked about, Just go for it. I m sure everything will be fine becaz u r a great person and u just deserve the best. I will always be there for any advice... ok sweets.

DC Girl said...

*runs and pounces on Sabila*

ooOOOOOOOooooOOH I saw the mostest handsome FBI guy yesterday.


I shall join my friend for lunch again today in order to stalk my stalker.

*tee hee*