Sunday, November 04, 2007


Thanks to the well-wishers and naysayers alike, for the comments made in response to the post below about this Nerddd's unexpected and new romance. I'm still sighing. Frankly, the emotional significance of this most wondrous event is distracting (I can hardly focus on anything) and while I promise a more nerdddy post tomorrow, tonight I leave the floor open to you. So, hi. And, go ahead: questions, concerns, rants, raves, words of wisdom, fyi's, whatever.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say congratulations. I wish you nothing but the best and I don't even know you...well. Or at all. But seriously, what a fairytale romance. I'm sure when you were reading these stories as a three year old (I know you were way ahead of the game back in the day...), this was probably how you imagined it? Yes? No? Kind of?

In any case...good luck and best wishes. :)

Saady said...

Good Luck ... I enjoyed the Parasailers' take on the whole thing. But then again, he is a guy and it is no hidden secret that guys are cooler ! lol. (I feel like a kid inciting a gender war ! )

Have fun and good luck. Oh and if you guys plan a romantic retreat to the Menver area, I just happen to know a few places !

zee said...

sabila, this blog was worth it! wasn't it? :P

on a side note i admire that you care for animals, that being appreciated, happy dating with MP!

Fatima said...

What is congradulations for? Beta i do not want to be negative about your choice in dating a ghora, but i have to ask you that are you going to be happy yourself down the time doing these things. You are a very smart capable and interesting girl as i am reading your blog, but abandoning your culture and roots for short term lusting is no good.

I have no problems with the ghora people but they are so different from us and you have to ask yourself how will his parents talk and relate to your parents and are you ok with Bob and Sharon being your inlaws down the road. What about sharab and pork? Do you celebrate the christmas? all of these things matter and ignoring them is never being a good thing.

I am sure that this person is a nice man, but arent all boys nice in the start?

Dont they all want to get the milk before the marrage and you need to ask yourself what is left after that.

That person who said half of desi marrages is divorcing is wrong and everyone knows this. Yes nothing is for certain and you should be happy, but again think of what makes you happy 5 10 15 20 and more years later not just now when you are being given attention from a boy.

Beta be carefuls.

Defense Phase 2 Auntie

Anonymous said...

MP - are you jewish?

Anonymous Part Deux said...


Fatima was the one I was talking about on the phone with you yesterday.

A. Stupid assumption that MP is a 'gora'...and his parents' name is NOT Bob and Sharon. I can PROMISE you that.

B. Yes, more and more desi marriages are ending in Divorce. Don't go by your brainwashing, check the stats. There is no higher/lower rate among arranged marriages compared to any other. Marriage is a gamble. PERIOD.

C. I think Sabila is old enough to make up her own mind.

D. If you truly believe in what you are saying then YOU go and get married to whomever your parents want you to marry and leave Sabila alone.

E. You're an idiot!

Anonymous Part Deux said...

correction: I wasn't talking about Fatima specifically. I mean that kind of talk/sayings...

Don't be hatin' on my friends' happiness.

Rabs said...

Sabila and MP,

Congrats on finding each other. That alone is quite an accomplishment! I don't know either of you, nor the details of the situation, so I won't lecture you about what's morally "right" and "wrong".

My meagre words of wisdom come from my experiences as half of a cross-cultural couple: be true to yourself. Not to your parents, not to your fans, heck, not even to each other (yes, I mean that last part). Don't allow another person to change you in ways that you don't believe you should change.

Pay attention to your own hearts, and do what YOU think is right for YOU. If things work out wonderfully for you as a couple, great. If not, then get out. ASAP.

Good luck!

And to everyone else: if you don't have anything nice to say, MYOB. :p

Anonymous Part Deux said...

I love you rabs...

SabilaK said... bringing readers together for two years.

I LOVE you guys. Seriously.

SabilaK said...

I love EVERYONE these days, even the haters. Sigh.

zee said...

sabila, you luv the haters 'cause you are on cloud 9 :P

rishta aunty, you smell of ghee, take a shower please and sabila will Not consider your paindu son if any or nephews, so there !!!!

hi there rabs! :)

Anonymous said...

I am guessing he is Jewish.

Rabs said...

Why do any of you give a flying rat's behind if he's Jewish? Is that supposed to be better/worse than if he were white and Christian? What if he's :gasp: agnostic or atheist? Shock! Horror! Scandal!!!

I suppose a furry Muslim ogre (no offense to Shrek) should be what Sabila aspires to, since, obviously, we all know that's what's best for her. Actually, that describes far too many of the Muslim men I know. Perhaps that's my problem?

muslimrollingstonefreud said...

Sabila - Fact is you are in a good place with a good person. That is rare and should be nourished (nourishing is the hard part). You seem to be a little naive though and new to being in Love. Love is Great, Allah is Great, Self Actualization is Great - what is not so great but very human is how wishy-washy, over the top and ultimately naively sweet you are. Not knocking Love - you two have it, so f&*k the naysayers but grow up a little and be a true writer and start talking 'bout the nitty gritty of a true adult relationship that encompasses all the deep down goodness of SabilaK!

Anonymous said...

He's Israeli.

Anonymous said...

You revealed that you are in the publishing business. Do you work for Mills & Boons?
(Just curious)

SabilaK said...

Um, no.

Anonymous said...

this is so stupid. you people are romanticizing something you dont know anything about.

This is not some uncommon thing that no one attains. People hook up all the time call it a day all the time and settle down all the time. As justin bobby once said "Time and truth tells all."

Get a life, grow up and realize that this jackie collins/ bridget jones, bollywood notion of love you people are pressing is just dumb.

Sabila, next time you go out with this guy make sure you take a bollywood soundtrack to make these your readers happy.

Anonymous said...

Justin Bobby?? Did you just quote the "Hills" lol awesome. Justin Bobby is a philosopher king, let me tell you.

Sabila: Why not give a brief biodata sketch of your significant other MP?

Cyberfish said...

wow. if anon trashes ghoras like this, i wonder how she trashes khalas! I DARE YOU anon! I double dog dare you!...

A. It is so refreshing to see the girl going for what seems to be a thoughful pleasant dude as opposed to bone headed uber-jock.

B. Its damn hard in this existential shithole we call life to get someone to notice how special you (and by you I mean everyone) are.

C. Its even harder to keep believing how special you are when no one sees it.

D. This dude is the first guy with the brass cajones to say anything.

E. Everyone else hates the fact of D.

F. The sense of entitlement of all of the haters is fucking unreal. Like attractive, eligible, intelligent "desi" women are suppose to rain out of the sky on them or their nephews or sons simply because they share a similar cultural background.

I am not usually given to fits of sentimentalism or romanticism but ....gawd!

DC Girl said...


Hi Cyberfish. How you doin' today?

Cyberfish said...

hello dc girl. im doin good. how's that kickball league workin out for ya?

DC Girl said...

oh HELL...all i did was stand there waiting to kick ONCE...then all they did was go to the bar and get rip roaring drunk...

wasn't worth my Sunday. i enjoyed getting together with my friends and having a group dinner/get together instead.


i'm over it

Cyberfish said...

just out of curiosity dc girl....born and raised in dc? or transplanted?

DC Girl said...

transplanted...moved to D.C. a year ago from Michigan.