Thursday, November 08, 2007


Do you guys remember when I broke into hives during the same weekend that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released? Even after making an appointment with an allergist, I joked to my friends that the hives must have been a psychosomatic reaction to my being in a state of panic over the whereabouts of my copy of the book. Of course, after months of allergy testing, which revealed that I was allergic to many things, yes, but nothing that should have caused the breakout that I experienced, I started to suspect that, perhaps, they were caused by stress.

Anyway, fast forward to this week. A friend recently gave me some troubling news--no worries, it's nothing that directly effects me. Afterwards, my heart was aflutter, my head hurt, and, surprise, a couple of hives daintly alighted on my cheek! It would appear, dear readers, that your Nerddd, in addition to having allergies that would make any nerd proud, has a psychosomatic disorder!



Rabs said...

Dermtographism aka stress-induced hives. Pretty common, more irritating than dangerous, but not psychosomatic. Sorry, you're not nuts. ;)

googliboo said...

I once broke out in hives after chugging down a can of diet root beer. I has never happened again (even after consuming countless other cans of D.rootbeer). Some things are just so mysterious about the human body...