Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My Dear Kittens,

Let's take a vote.
How would you like it if we had a guest blogger on
How would you like it if the guest blogger was the one and only MP?
How would you like to find out exactly how our (my) MP stumbled upon my blog for the very first time over a year ago (trust me dears, it's a lovely tale of serendipity)?

Let me know.

The Nerddd

ps: MP, dear, I know we haven't had a prior discussion about this and I hope you don't mind yet another very public shout out but I think your side of the "how-we-got-together" story could make for a delightfully romantic blog post.

pps: Did I take it a little too far? Because, seriously, I sometimes don't have that internal filter when it comes to blogging. Ahem.


DC Girl said...

i always love a good love story.



would love to see MP as a guest blogger.

*raises hand*


*looks around*
*waits for others to raise hand*

Anonymous said...

Dear MP,

OK, I'm raising my hand, too. I know the lovely Sabila from work, and I'd like to hear your side of the story. You write really well, and I was most impressed with your romantic posts on her blog. A man after my own heart.

Francesca said...

hmmm, that last comment was from me, not some random anon.

Anonymous said...

YES, YES and YES!!!

DC Girl said...

*nods in excitememt*


Dear K,

Where are you? I was on the corner of E and 9th last night, by the CVS, and was lucky enough to stare at a really hot SS man standing outside.

Are you in D.C.?
Would you like to meet for coffee?




bigkahuna said...

I will actually offer respectful dissent.

I *would* encourage a link to MP's blog and would enjoy reading his thoughts and postings.

But this blog is the musings of our dear nerddd and as such I would advocate a singular editorial voice rather than a merge/guest posting.

Commentary threads are very different and highly encouraged ;-)

PS: Brit food bites... At least it does in Cambridge!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute
I would love to hear more tales of this romance.

So heart warming - sigh

Anonymous said...

I don't think MP has a choice anymore! Would love to hear how he encountered your would be lovely.

zee said...

allow MP the choice to keep his blog private from the ghee aunties and haters

and yes for MP to be a guest blogger!

Anonymous said...

I'm down.

Anonymous said...

This is gay. Just write a post about you two skipping in the park holding hands.


DC Girl said...

oh K...

you are jealous for obviously obvious reasons.


SabilaK said...

K, you should date DC Girl.

Rabs said...

Thank you Sabila! Finally, someone said what I've been thinking the last few days...

DC Girl said...


muhammed said...

u should start a dating service sabilak

Anonymous said...

It DC wasnt a psycho stalker i would.


DC Girl said...


Anonymous said...

aww so cute!!! the anonymous K here ISN'T the real K from the previus posts...i think.